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Swami Nikhilanand

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"God is absolute. He is one Supreme Being, formless, yet he can have a form. He is omnipresent" (Giri, 2011).
In 2011, Swami Nikhilanand was one of a number of high profile leaders of Hinduism and Judaism who participated in the First Hindu-Jewish Solidarity Day in Houston. The above statement was made by Swami Nikhilanand in the course of his keynote speech at the gathering.

Swami Nikhilanand

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"Supreme God has uncountable Divine powers. When most of them are dormant or inactive, then God is formless and is referred to by the term Brahman. When more of His powers are active, God has form, and is referred to by the term Paramatma" (Nikhilanand, 2011).

Swami Nikhilanand

"Hinduism is amazing vast, yet monotheistic" (Giri, 2011).

Swami Nikhilanand

Under whatever name or form we worship It, It leads us on to knowledge of the nameless, formless Absolute. Yet, to see one's true Self in the Absolute, to subside into It and be one with It, this is the true Knowledge of the Truth.

Ramana Maharshi

"Tell me who it is who brings about the re-birth (the revolutio)?" is asked of the wise Hermes. "God's Son, the only man, through the will of God," is the answer of the "heathen." "God's son" is the immortal spirit assigned to every human being. It is this divine entity which is the "only man," for the casket which contains our soul, and the soul itself, are but half-entities, and without its overshadowing both body and astral soul, the two are but an animal duad. It requires a trinity to form the complete "man," and allow him to remain immortal at every "re-birth," or revolutio, throughout the subsequent and ascending spheres, every one of which brings him nearer to the refulgent realm of eternal and absolute light.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

"The Pope would have an easier job than the President of the United States in adopting a change of course. He has no Congress alongside him as a legislative body nor a Supreme Court as a judiciary. He is absolute head of government, legislator and supreme judge in the church. If he wanted to, he could authorize contraception over night, permit the marriage of priests, make possible the ordination of women and allow eucharistic fellowship with this Protestant churches. What would a Pope do who acted in the spirit of Obama?"

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