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Skye Sweetnam

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"I co-wrote all the songs on my album, and co-produced a lot of them as well, So being involved in the creative aspect and not just singing is so important to me because, above everything, I love to create and I love to express myself."

Skye Sweetnam

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Feist's third album of new material, "The Reminder" is ... the album that should transform her from the darling of the indie-rock circuit to a full-fledged star, and do it without compromises. "The Reminder" is a modestly scaled but quietly profound pop gem: sometimes intimate, sometimes exuberant, filled with love songs and hints of mystery. ... In her new love songs Feist apologizes, confesses to longing, hints at betrayals and misunderstandings and wonders what might have been. Her voice is self-possessed yet unguarded, and it hovers in arrangements that are often modest just a handful of musicians playing together in a room but can also proffer gleaming instrumental hooks and nonsense syllables that invite singalongs. The songs find equipoise within heartache.

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"The first four songs on the album (Still Suffering by Klank) I had written for the next Circle of Dust album. They were in slightly different forms, but then I liked them so much I just kept them for the Klank album. I had some chord changes and lyric changes so it wouldn't be redundant. It's not like Scott (Klayton) wrote half the album but he did help a lot. I used a lot of his suggestions." Daren 'Klank' Diolosa


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