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Always eat grapes downwards that is, always eat the best grape first; in this way there will be none better left on the bunch, and each grape will seem good down to the last.
Eating Grapes Downwards.


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For they wished to fill the winepress of eloquence not with the tendrils of mere words but with the rich grape juice of good sense.


Beulah, Peel me a grape.

Mae West

"His two eyes are different," says Lasse Hallstrom, who directed Leo in what may be his best movie, What's Eating Gilbert Grape. "The left eye is very soft and empathetic. The right eye is more analyzing. One eye oozes warmth, while the other is more penetrating. One eye is psyche, the other is intellect."

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Grape on the vine... why not be crushed to make wine?

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'As for your circumcisions, the chief modin can arrange all. Your wine must return to the earth, whence the grape came. Haram.'

Anthony Burgess
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