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Robert Mannyng

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There ys no solas undyr hevene
Of al that a man may nevene
That shuld a man so moch glew
As a gode womman that loveth trew.
Line 1909.

Robert Mannyng

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No thyng ys to man so dere
As wommanys love yn gode manere.
A gode womman is mannys blys.

Robert Mannyng

For hevene myghte nat holden it, so was it hevy of hymself,
Til it hadde of the erthe eten his fille.
And whan it hadde of this fold flessh and blood taken,
Was nevere leef upon lynde lighter therafter,
And portatif and persaunt as the point of a nedle,
That myghte noon armure it lette ne none heighe walles.
Forthi is love ledere of the Lordes folk of hevene,
And a meene, as the mair is, [inmiddes] the kyng and the commune.

William Langland

In this oneness standeth the life of all mankind that shall be saved. For God is all that is good, as to my sight, and God hath made all that is made, and God loveth all that He hath made: and he that loveth generally all his even-Christians for God, he loveth all that is. For in mankind that shall be saved is comprehended all: that is to say, all that is made and the Maker of all. For in man is God, and God is in all. And I hope by the grace of God he that beholdeth it thus shall be truly taught and mightily comforted, if he needeth comfort.

Julian of Norwich

Moche Crye and no Wull.

John Fortescue

For if hevene be on this erthe, and ese to any soule,
It is in cloistre or in scole.

William Langland
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