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Robert Bulwer-Lytton

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Only by knowledge of that which is not thyself, shall thyself be learned.
"????? ???????" ("Know Thyself"), in The Poetical Works of Owen Meredith (1867), Vol. I, p. 247.

Robert Bulwer-Lytton

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Give thyself more diligently to reflection: know thyself: take counsel with the Godhead; without God put thine hand into nothing. (115)


Weep bitterly over the dead, for he is worthy, and then comfort thyself; drive heaviness away: thou shall not do him good, but hurt thyself.

Matthew Arnold

Revere thyself, and yet thyself despise.

Edward Young

If a man is mistaken, instruct him kindly and show him his error. But if thy are not able, blame thyself, or blame not even thyself.

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Seek, therefore, thyself! But in finding oneself, does not one find one's own nothingness? ...Carlyle answers (Past and Present, book iii, chap. xi.). "The latest Gospel in the world is, Know thy work and do it. Know thyself: long enough has that poor self of thine tormented thee; thou wilt never get to know it, I believe! Think it thy business, this of knowing thyself; thou art an unknowable individual: know what thou canst work at; and work at it, like Hercules. That will be thine better plan." ...and what is my work? without thinking about myself, is to love God. ...And on the other hand, in loving God in myself, am I not loving myself more than God, am I not loving myself in God?

Miguel de Unamuno
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