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Richard Garriott

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Twenty-eight years ago, I created my first game on an Apple II in my bedroom closet at a time when the interactive entertainment industry was taking its first baby steps. Today the games business has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry and we are just at the tip of the iceberg. I'm thrilled to have been a part of this successful journey and I'm extremely honored by the Academy's Hall of Fame induction.
Press Statement for the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' Hall of Fame, 9 November, 2005.

Richard Garriott

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The corrupted and corrupting video game industry will, of course, challenge this law once it is signed by Governor Blanco. The reason is that this industry, through the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), its developers' lobbyist, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), and the retailers' lobbyist, IEMA (Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association) are involved in ongoing fraudulent conduct in marketing video games that contain adult material to children.

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You Pixelante Knuckleheads (Sorry to Be Redundant) Missed Spike's Point The point Spike is making in the movie and with his comments about the movie's scene with the violent game is that the games are too violent, and they are emblematic of the irresponsibility of the video game industry. I am not at all surprised that gamers wouldn't get it; in fact, Spike Lee knows you wouldn't get it, as indicated by his belief that someone will copy the game scene, which is a criticism of the industry. Which, of course, makes his point exquisitely. It is fascinating, is it not, that the people in this country who have deserved reputations are real artists, real professionals, all decry the recklessness of the entertainment industry and the divorce between art and sanity that prevails in some quarters. Here at GP is one of them. God bless Spike Lee. He gets it. You at GP don't. Hooah. Jack Thompson

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Assumption, speculation and gossip. The entertainment industry is full of them. I have been in the industry for 11 years, but these activities have not changed. What is worst is that people don't clarify things first before jumping to conclusions. They rather live with the misunderstandings.

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This Library afforded me the Means of Improvement by constant Study, for which I set apart an Hour or two each Day; and thus repair'd in some Degree the Loss of the Learned Education my Father once intended for me. Reading was the only Amusement I allow'd myself. I spent no time in Taverns, Games, or Frolics of any kind. And my Industry in my Business continu'd as indefatigable as it was necessary. [Part II, p. 64]

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