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Red Symons

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Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing.

Red Symons

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“You remember winning, don’t you? A battle won, somewhere?”
“No,” said the old man, deep under. “I don’t remember anyone winning anywhere any time. War’s never a winning thing, Charlie. You just lose all the time, and the one who loses last asks for terms. All I remember is a lot of losing and sadness and nothing good but the end of it. The end of it, Charles, that was a winning all to itself, having nothing to do with guns.

Ray Bradbury

Winning isn’t as fun as losing is miserable.

David Levy

Winning or losing does not matter as much as what you learn from it.

Carlos Gershenson

Yet, so strong is the hold which the insidious evil of Communism secures upon its disciples, that I could still say to someone at that time: "I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism."

Whittaker Chambers

Cricket at the highest level has never been simply a demonstration of sporting excellence; it has always been about winning and losing.

James Coldham
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