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Wayland Hoyt (1838 – 1910)

American minister.
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Wayland Hoyt
There it is in such patient silence that we accumulate the inward power which we distribute and spend in action; that the soul acquires a greater and more vigorous being, and gathers up its collective forces to bear down upon the piecemeal difficulties of life and scatter them to dust; there alone can we enter into that spirit of self-abandonment by which we take up the cross of duty, however heavy, with feet however worn and bleeding.
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"Lo! I am with you alway, even to the end of the world," is not an idle not an unfulfilled promise. He is not with us merely as a thought, but as a life. He gathers us up into His own being. He floods us with it. There is inspiration here, certainty for any duty, for any endurance. The faith, Christ with me, can make the poorest and the hardest life luminous; joyous, glorious.
Let us see to it that in our schools, as far as possible, every week, some lessons from Scripture, in the language of the Scripture are learned.

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