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Victor Borge (1909 – 2000)

Born B?rge Rosenbaum, was a Danish comedian, conductor and pianist, affectionately known as The Clown Prince of Denmark, The Unmelancholy Dane, and The Great Dane.
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Victor Borge
I learned to play the piano on my mother's knee - that was before we got a piano.
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I only know two pieces, one is 'Clair de Lune', the other one isn't.
There is a bit of Hans Christian Andersen in every Dane.

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(Shortly after Germany forced Denmark to sign a non-aggression pact in 1939) How nice. Now the Germans can sleep in peace, knowing that they will not be invaded by us.
Borge Victor
[of English] It's your language. I'm just trying to use it.
Victor Borge quotes
When I was a little boy and played Liebestraum, my father used to hit me on the head with a newspaper every time I slopped the cadenza . . . I hate Liebestraum.
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