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Valentine Telegdi (1922 – 2006)

Hungarian-born U S experimental physicist.
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Valentine Telegdi
The trouble with theorists is, they never pay attention to the experiments!
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What is very important to me is two points: A theory should be internally consistent and it should have some contact with observation. Well, Iím told by all the experts that this theory [String theory] is internally consistent, although they think up new interpretations every time I turn my back. But contact with reality? Nobodyís given me anything. I just watch. Iím somewhat unhappy that so many people are working on it. To me, as a physicist, itís sort of sad that so many people at the same time work at something that doesnít seem to have any contact with experiment. But that, to some extent, is due to the fact that we donít have any great experimental puzzle to be thinking about. We have to supply the puzzles, and there arenít that many puzzles right now.
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