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Toshio Shiratori (1887 – 1949)

Japanese ambassador to Italy from 1938 to 1940 and advisor to the Japanese foreign minister in 1940.
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Toshio Shiratori
...the three Powers, discarding the ideologies of individualism and democracy, have adopted the principle of dealing with human society from the totalitarian point of view.
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The greatest reason for Japan's participation in the Triple Alliance lies in the fact that the three signatory powers, at this time of great change in the world situation, have the same position, the same interest, and entertain the same political views. China is not Japan's real enemy in the present incident. In reality Japan is fighting Britain and America. The first thing we are now required to do is to carry out our southward advance.
Japan's true aim was to drive the white man out of Asia.

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The war has now moved from China to South Eastern Asia, and is about to enter the stage of the war for all Asia.
Shiratori Toshio
We are not imitating Hitler and Mussolini. They are imitating us. They have just discovered what we knew for centuries: that a corporate, collectivist system pays.
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The west has always shown a sympathetic, although patronizing, appreciation of the old Japan. Many a foreign observer would remark with a sigh: 'What a pity that things of the past, of beauty and joy forever, should be so mercilessly sacrificed on the altar of modernism!'
Toshio Shiratori
The most serious menace to Japan comes from the Soviet Union. Numerous European countries will eventually embrace Communism. So will China and India if we just watch them with folded arms.
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