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Thomas Morton (playwright) (1764 – 1838)

English playwright.
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Thomas Morton (playwright)
Approbation from Sir Hubert Stanley is praise indeed.
Morton (playwright) quotes
Always ding dinging Dame Grundy into my ears - What will Mrs. Grundy say? What will Mrs. Grundy think?
Morton (playwright)
Push on,—keep moving.

Handy, jun. Zounds, the room's in a blaze!
Sir Abel. Don't say so, Bob.
Handy, jun. What's to be done? Where's your famous preparation for extinguishing flames?
Sir Abel. It is not mixed.
Handy, jun. Where's your fire escape?
Sir Abel. It is not fixed.
Handy, jun. Where's your patent fire engine?
Sir Abel. 'Tis on the road.
Handy, jun. Well, you are never at a loss.
Sir Abel. Never.
Handy, jun. What's to be done?
Sir Abel. I don't know.
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