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Susan Sarandon

Academy Award winning American actress and activist.
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Susan Sarandon
We stand a chance of getting a president who has probably killed more people before he gets into office than any president in the history of the United States.
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Religion is not black and white. It's much more complicated. Spirituality is much bigger than that. God is much bigger than that. I don't believe in a wrathful God. I believe he's much more forgiving and inclusive than some religions. The things that are done in her name or his name are horrible.
I look forward to being older, when what you look like becomes less and less an issue and what you are is the point.

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Every relationship starts out with a dream of what you think it's going to be, and you either have the tool kit when you get to the hard spots where you'll make it through, or you need to move on.
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It's great to see people who find joy in service and don't close their eyes and aren't afraid.
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Making love is like hitting a baseball. You just gotta relax and concentrate.
Susan Sarandon
Kind of like the difference between making love and masturbation, I'd say.
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