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Simon Hoggart

British journalist and broadcaster.
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Simon Hoggart
Seeing John Major govern the country is like watching Edward Scissorhands try to make balloon animals.
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Curiously, it is hard not to be a little optimistic about the future for Zimbabwe (as nobody at all calls it yet, except in political speeches). The fear is not that there will be mass slaughter of the whites, followed by their flight to South Africa and the collapse of the economy, but that the need to retain white confidence may mean that the blacks are badly disappointed.
Peter Mandelson is the only man I know who can skulk in broad daylight.

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Reagan is the only man to take the presidency as a part-time job, a means of filling up the otherwise empty hours of retirement.
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Mr Arbuthnot did not respond, but sat with a thin, weak smile, like winter sunshine upon a coffin lid.
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