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S. M. Stirling

Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author.
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S. M. Stirling
A libertarian is someone who can believe that the police are no more than a gang of thugs without realizing that in the absence of police, thugs will gather into gangs.
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There is a technical term for someone who confuses the opinions of a character in a book with those of the author. That term is idiot.
Bad writers have influences. Good writers steal.

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"The Mackenzie had never met folk so poor in story and song and legends, and it moved him to a pity that pricked at his eyes. Without that tapestry of colour and words and ritual, what was life but eating and mating, sleeping and moving your bowels? All of them good and necessary, but not enough; and they themselves needed that framework too, to give them meaning."
Stirling S. M.
S. M. Stirling quotes
Generally speaking nations don't engage in either war or diplomacy with purely altruistic intent, and everyone fit to be let out without a keeper knows this and takes it into account.
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