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Ronnie Drew (1934 – 2008)

Irish singer, songwriter, and guitarist who achieved international fame during a fifty year career recording with The Dubliners.
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Ronnie Drew
I've always considered myself a failure: I feel I've never done anything wholly right. Everybody will tell you "Oh no, how can you say that, because ten thousand people clap you on a night?" but part of that is reflex action and part of it is because you're reasonably good. But if you're great, that's a different thing.
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Ronnie is like the King of Ireland, and we are his subjects.
I wouldn't call myself an actor or a singer for that matter, just a journeyman. I feel I must have a talent somewhere for doing something but I'm still not terribly sure what it is. I suppose it's a talent for being myself.

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A song is communicating with people; Entertainment is a different part.
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