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Richard Henry Horne (1803 – 1884)

English poet and critic.
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Richard Henry Horne
'T is always morning somewhere in the world.
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A sweet content
Passing all wisdom or its fairest flower.
Ye rigid Plowmen! Bear in mind
Your labor is for future hours.
Advance! spare not! nor look behind!
Plow deep and straight with all your powers!

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The laurel-tree grew large and strong,
Its roots went searching deeply down;
It split the marble walls of Wrong,
And blossomed o'er the Despot's crown.
Horne Richard Henry
Far out at sea,—the sun was high,
While veer'd the wind and flapped the sail,
We saw a snow-white butterfly
Dancing before the fitful gale,
Far out at sea.
Richard Henry Horne quotes
The wisdom of mankind creeps slowly on,
Subject to every doubt that can retard
Or fling it back upon an earlier time.
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