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Qin Gang

Qin Gang is the official PRC Foreign Ministry Spokesman.
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Qin Gang
This is an interference in China’s judicial sovereignty.
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Foreign Spokesman Qin Gang let everyone act as journalists to ask him questions. Professor of Beijing United University Chen Delin got the mic first: “What principles do you follow when you answer questions from Chinese and foreign reporters?”
"One is female, while the other is male," said Qin Gang, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs humorously, after a reporter asked him to compare Rebiya Kadeer and the Dalai Lama at a regular press conference on July 14.

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Question: YouTube was blocked at one point last week and was available again from China, and now it seems to be blocked again. There are speculations that it links to the release of video from the “Tibetan Government in Exile”. Do you have any comment on that? Is there any particular offensive material on YouTube right now that causes it to be blocked again?
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