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Peter Wentz

Bassist, back-up vocalist, and primary lyricist of Chicago-based band Fall Out Boy.
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Peter Wentz
I have a bit of a consummate victim in my head. Thatís who I identify with throughout history. When I was 10 I would draw black eyes on myself because I thought it was cool. Youíre so into people who are tragic. You want to be that so badly. But you probably arenít really the tragic genius that you think you are.
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Q: Will Fall Out Boy ever become Fall Out Man?
A: The chest hair is in the mail. So hopefully we will in four to six weeks. depending on shipping.
When I said that I make out with dudes, there was a slight sense of sexual rebellion in that. And I probably even made it a bigger deal than it was.

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Being ambiguously flamboyant really does help. Iíve had so many people come up to me and be like, ĎI felt OK to come out of the closet after you said this.í When someone says that to me -- itís not an event Iíve ever been through, so I donít know what to compare it to. I donít think I even understand how important that is to someoneís life.
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Whenever you say that homophobia is stupid, you just get called gay.
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Q: X-ray vision or bionic hearing?
A: It's easy to hear people talking shit. I'd rather check out Patrick in his boxers with little heart prints on 'em. So vision I guess.
Peter Wentz
Our culture bombards us with this idea that youíre not that, and if you are that, thereís something wrong with you, and then weíre going to call you that, and then itís an insult. There is a sense of self-empowerment or recapturing who you are by people calling you Ďfag,í and being like, ĎYeah, I am a fag.í Even though youíre not. What does somebody respond? That dude has nothing to say about that again.
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