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Called the "second Buddha", was an Indian Buddhist priest and thinker.
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No suffering is self-caused.
Nothing causes itself.
If another is not self-made,
How could suffering be caused by another?

If suffering were caused by each,
Suffering could be caused by both.
Not caused by self or by other,
How could suffering be uncaused?
Nagarjuna quotes
The science, which teaches arts and handicrafts
Is merely science for the gaining of a living;
But the science which teaches deliverance from worldly existence,
Is not that the true science?"
If you desire ease, forsake learning.
If you desire learning, forsake ease.
How can the man at his ease acquire knowledge,
And how can the earnest student enjoy ease?

Nagarjuna quotes
"Although you may spend your life killing,
You will not exhaust all your foes.
But if you quell your own anger,
your real enemy will be slain."
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