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Murray Perahia

American concert pianist and conductor.
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Murray Perahia
In the Bronx, we had three synagogues on one block at 161st Street. My father was Orthodox and we went to the Sephardi one. Further along was the Conservative, the biggest. In between was the Ashkenazi shul. And guess who was their shabbos goy? Colin Powell!
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I sat reading in these chairs and felt somehow, in an abstract rather than a religious way, that suffering shapes you. Not only my own religious thought, but that of my ancestors, affected me in some way. The thing we have as Jews is that itís a wonderfully abstract religion. Images are not allowed, so itís welcome to abstract thought.
Iím deeply grateful to be Jewish. I feel itís enriched my life and I feel very strongly about Jewishness.

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I wouldnít play it in public ó you need different muscles, you canít use the upper arm, just the fingers. But the sound has a glow, because the strings arenít damped, as on a piano. I wanted to visit Bachís sound world, then apply those ideas to the piano.
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