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Milla Jovovich

Ukrainian model, actress, musician, and fashion designer.
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Milla Jovovich
My private life has been the subject of much jabbering. Perhaps this slightly scandalous side of me people find entertaining! Before, being a model, it was just a job, and I was making fun of it. But today, I take my career more seriously. The fact that a reader may buy an Armani item because sheíd seen it on me in a magazine is very important to me. So much so that I intend to launch my own label.
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Action films are definitely a lot of training and I do a lot of my own stunts, so I definitely am in there for the long haul for the training process. But I love it. Martial arts is something Iíve always loved doing. Itís the only form of exercise that I can deal with. Everything else is really boring and mind-numbing. So for me itís just really fun. I love to sort of feel like a superhero in that sense, to be able to fly through the air and to be on wires. It just makes me feel like Iím in Magic Mountain or something. I love it.
I remember, when we were still living in the Soviet Union, Mum would rush by like the wind in our apartment, covered with fur, or even running from one movie scene to the next, because she was a movie star there. Even if it was 40?F outside, she always wore a miniskirt. For me, she was the most beautiful of all women.

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Music for me is something I prefer to keep away form the whole business part of my life. I feel like everything I do, in a way, has some sort of business around it. So with my music I can have my privacy. If people donít have to pay for it then I think they can be a little more open to new ideas.
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I was still a kid when I gave up modeling and moved to London to devote myself to music. At the time, I had a band. Two years later, broke, I was forced to return to New York to go back to modeling and earn my living. But, when Iíd call my agent, she replied to me: "You are now an old-fashioned model, you have a 'has-been' look." In fact, I could not even manage to get castings. Can you imagine what itís like when youíre told that youíre over at the age of 18?
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I love infomercials. Iíve always thought that I could do a really good infomercial because I have a lot of great ideas with things. I just never actually have the time to patent them, like everybody else with great ideas. One person takes the time to do it and the rest of us to keep talking about it.
Milla Jovovich
I had a really great time doing it. I havenít seen the whole movie together with all the special effects, but even without the special effects I was like, "This is rad!" I loved it. I just was with the characters more. I donít know, somehow I connected with the story better.
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