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Martin Lawrence

Comedian, musician, actor, and voice artist.
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Martin Lawrence
There better not be a black person in here that says they don't know nobody in jail... 'cause that's bullshit. Ray-Ray, Earl, Craig, Shorty Tim, Lil' Reg, all them motherfuckers in jail... Shonda's little brother... all of 'em, in jail... chillin'.
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Go head on, with yo' fat apple pie ass, Aunt Bea!
[On the Wizard of Oz] Lion's lookin' for some courage... Tin Man's lookin' for a heart... ain't none of them lookin' for some pussy, and they skippin' down the street WITH a fucking bitch!

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Sorry, I had told Craig and them I'm gon' kick it with them. Gotta go! See you when I see you!
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