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Jorge Vargas Gonzalez

Chilean politician, singer, composer, and the mayor of Pichilemu from 1997 to 2007.
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Jorge Vargas Gonzalez
What I got as result was my work for two periods as mayor. She came as if she owned the place, but she has to earn respect first. I just met her when she presented as candidate; before, we never saw her.
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If something have demonstrated the elections and the percentage she got (4,41%) is that nobody wanted her here.
I always said that it was going to be beautiful that Paulina [Nin] presented me as entertainer and I sang.

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Paulina Nin disrespected my town.
Gonzalez Jorge Vargas
This proposal was made by the Pichileminian people. In Pichilemu, we have 15,000 inhabitants, and in summer this grows to 100,000, because we receive a lot of foreigner tourists, that love to visit beaches like Pichilemu's.
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This is made since a long time in Pichilemu, because of that, and the anxiety of our inhabitants we are proposing that these beaches become legal.
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