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John Ziman (1925 – 2005)

Scientist, and later a philosopher specialising in the philosophy of science.
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John Ziman
The communication of modern science to the ordinary citizen, necessary, important, desirable as it is, cannot be considered an easy task. The prime obstacle is lack of education. ... There is also the difficulty of making scientific discoveries interesting and exciting without completely degrading them intellectually. ... It is a weakness of modern science that the scientist shrinks from this sort of publicity, and thus gives an impression of arrogant mystagoguery.
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Ethics is not just an abstract intellectual discipline. It is about the conflicts that arise in trying to meet real human needs and values.
A new scientific theory is seldom stated with such clarity by its original author, and usually takes many years to creep into public conciousness.

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...the 'size' of science has doubled steadily every 15 years. In a century this means a factor of 100. For every single scientific paper or for every single scientist in 1670, there were 100 in 1770, 10,000 in 1870 and 1,000,000 in 1970.
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A philosopher is a person who knows less and less about more and more, until he knows nothing about everything.
A scientist is a person who knows more and more about less and less, until he knows everything about nothing.
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