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John Reid

British politician, who served as a Labour Party Member of Parliament and cabinet minister under Tony Blair, most notably as Defence Secretary (200506) and then Home Secretary (200607).
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John Reid
If we in this movement are going to ask the decent, silent majority of Muslim men - and women - to have the courage to face down the extremist bullies, then we need to have the courage and character to stand shoulder to shoulder with them doing it.
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You don't have to love everything George W. Bush stands for to hate everything that Osama Bin Laden stands for.
It's not my job to manage this department - it's my job to lead this department.

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He said he did not believe the Home Office was "intrinsically dysfunctional... but I do believe from time to time it is dysfunctional in the sense it doesn't work".
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Leadership isn't a zero sum game. When one of us shines it doesn't diminish the others, it reflects on all of us.
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Until Roy Hattersley said he would shoot himself if I became prime minister, I had not been able to see any possible advantage in standing.
John Reid
Our system is not fit for purpose. It's inadequate in terms of its scope, it's inadequate in terms of its information technology, leadership, management systems and processes.
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