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Jane Roberts (1929 – 1984)

American author who was known primarily as a psychic and trance medium or spirit medium who channeled a personality named Seth.
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Jane Roberts
Your desire or beliefs will literally be reaching back into time, teaching the nerves new tricks. Definite reorganizations in that past will occur in your present, allowing you to behave in entirely new fashions. Learned behavior therefore alters not only present and future but also past conduct.
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You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.
The Point of Power Is in the Present.

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In terms of earthly life as you understand it, it is overly optimistic to imagine that eventually all illnesses will be conquered, all relationships be inevitably fulfilling, or to foresee a future in which all people on earth are treated with equality and respect.
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Your impulses are your closest communication with your inner self, because in the waking state they are the spontaneous urgings towards action, rising from that deep inner knowledge of yourself that you have in dreams.
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In daily practical experience, try to concentrate for a while upon seemingly subordinate abilities, ones that you think of as latent. If you do so consistently, using your imagination and will, then those abilities will become prominent in your present. The current beliefs will reprogram and alter past experience. It is not simply that past, forgotten, unconsciously perceived events will be put together in a new way and organized under a new heading, but in that past (now not perceivable), the entire bodily response to seemingly past events will change.
Jane Roberts
The fact remains that there are probable past events that can "still happen" within your personal previous experience. A new event can literally be born in the past -- "now.".
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