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James Daly (Irish Land League) (1838 – 1911)

Irish nationalist activist best known for his work in support of tenant farmers' rights and the formation of the Irish National Land League.
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"'Truly is the dawn of freedom appearing - truly the emancipation of the tenant farmers of Ireland. The south is awakening, slowly but surely". Daly in the Connaught Telegraph on 6 December 1879, after being released from Sligo jail following his comments at Gurteen.
Daly quotes
"if anyone was evicted it was the duty of his fellows to assemble in their thousands and reinstate him the next day." : Daly at Gurteen, 2 November 1879.
"I am a Land Leaguer myself, and I would not be a Land Leaguer if it had anything behind it like revolution. I would fight against it." : Daly to the Bessborough Commission 1880.

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