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J. J. Thomson (1856 – 1940)

Often known as J J Thomson, was a British scientist.
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J. J. Thomson
I have described at some length the application of Positive Rays to chemical analysis; one of the main reasons for writing this book was the hope that it might induce others, and especially chemists, to try this method of analysis. I feel sure that there are many problems in chemistry, which could be solved with far greater ease by this than any other method. The method is surprisingly sensitive more so than even that of spectrum analysis, requires an infinitesimal amount of material, and does not require this to be specially purified; the technique is not difficult if appliances for producing high vacua are available.
Thomson quotes
The difficulties which would have to be overcome to make several of the preceding experiments conclusive are so great as to be almost insurmountable.
The electron: may it never be of any use to anybody!

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