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Ippen (1234 – 1289)

Also known as Zuien, was a Japanese Buddhist itinerant preacher who founded the Ji branch of Pure Land Buddhism.
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Food, clothing, and shelter are the three evil paths. To desire and make a display of clothing is karma for the path of beasts. To greedily crave food is karma for the path of famished ghosts. To set up a shelter is karma for the path of hell. Hence, if you aspire to part from the three evil paths, you must free yourself from food, clothing, and shelter.
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In the Buddha’s teaching, unless you cast away body and life, there can be no realization of benefit.
From far, far in the distant past,
Down to this day, this very instant,
Those things we have longed for most
Have not been attained, and we sorrow.

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With aversion for sect superiors and their pomp,
I have no wish for monk disciples;
Not in search of lay supporters,
I court the favor of no one.
In this brief span this body exists,
Clothing and food are of course indispensable;
But knowing them to be fruits of former lives,
I make no effort at all to obtain them.
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Once our false thinking has completely ceased
There is neither start nor conclusion, beginning nor end
In the oneness of Buddha and sentient beings
Say Namu-amida-butsu.
To reach the borders of the uncreated,
Just let go! This is genuine gratitude.
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To become solitary and simple in utter aloneness -- living wholly unconcerned about the multitude of worldly affairs, and abandoning and disentangling yourself from all things -- is to die. We are born alone; we die alone.
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