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Imad Mughniyah (1962 – 2008)

Senior member of the Hezbollah.
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Imad Mughniyah
Let Allah welcome the shaheed in all his mercy and house him in heaven.
Mughniyah quotes
Assassination is the logic of those having no logic and fearing justice.
The martyrdom of our mujahid, devoted and selfless brother haj Imad Mugniya was a great victory and prosperous end for him...The crime-ridden and bloodthirsty Zionists must know that the holy blood of martyrs like Imad Mughniya create thousands of other Mughniyas.

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Haaj Imad Mughniyah was martyred brutally and now they are launching a campaign against him. Nowadays they are publishing thousands of article in Western and Arab World media in which this great man is accused of having committed a long list of terrorist acts and other deeds, while he is no longer alive to defend himself.
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