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Hilda Doolittle (1886 – 1961)

Usually known only by her initials H D, was an American poet, novelist and memoirist.
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Hilda Doolittle
For one moment seek
a lesser beauty
and a lesser grace,
but you will find
no peace in the end
save in her presence.
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Be indigestible, hard, ungiving.
so that, living within,
you beget, self-out-of-self,
that pearl-of-great-price.
We don't have to know,
only to be:
let go the jumble of worn words,
reason and vanity.

Doolittle Hilda quotes
The reason is:
rats leave the sinking ship
but we...
didn't leave,
so the ship
didn't sink,
and that's madness,
Lear's song
that's Touchstone's forest jest,
that's swan of Avon logic.
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