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Guy Finley

American writer and spiritual teacher.
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Guy Finley
Every wall that I run in to is what I have yet to understand about myself and this life, and there is no other wall, none.
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There is no natural place inside of a human being for negative states. None. So if you're negative, frightened, worried, anxious, fearful, it's because you have bought into the work of the image, who shows you what it needs to show you so that you can be the person who now has to hate your condition.
We are not here to learn to play, we are here to play to learn.

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Do you know what a good life is? A good life is a life in which you never have to think about yourself again. You know why? Because you can't think about yourself without producing fear.
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You are going to have to struggle with something that you have never struggled with before. I am talking to you about it now. I am talking to you about the fact that your whole life to date has been in an effort to control what you see as being finite. The whole of life for human beings, predicated on the idea that one must acquire power in order to overpower conditions that will not give them what they say they need in order to have a fixed sense of security and well-being.
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...and for human beings on this planet it isn't wisdom that guides, it's wants.
Guy Finley
A prisoner mentality is anything that blames anything outside of you for the pain you have.
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