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Gavin Douglas (1476 – 1522)

Scottish Chaucerian poet or makar.
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Gavin Douglas
And al smail fowlys syngis on the spray:
Welcum the lord of lycht, and lamp of day.
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Bot a sentens to follow may suffice me:
Sum tyme I follow the text als neir I may,
Sum tyme I am constrenyt ane other way.
Fyrst I protest, beaw schirris, by ?our leif
Beis weill avisit my wark or ?he reprief;
Consider it warly, reid oftar than anys,
Weill at a blenk sle poetry nocht tayn is.

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Ryveris ran reid on spait with watir broune,
And burnys hurlys all thar bankis doune.
Douglas Gavin
Woddis, forrestis, with nakyt bewis blowt,
Stude strippyt of thar weid in every howt.
So bustuusly Boreas his bugill blew,
The deyr full dern doun in the dalis drew;
Smale byrdis, flokkand throu thik ronys thrang,
In chyrmyng and with cheping changit thar sang,
Sekand hidlis and hyrnys thame to hyde
Fra feirfull thuddis of the tempestuus tyde.
Gavin Douglas quotes
Dame naturis menstralis.
Gavin Douglas
As to the text accordyng never a deill,
Mair than langis to the cart the fift quheill.
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