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Francesco Guicciardini (1483 – 1540)

Italian historian and statesman.
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Francesco Guicciardini
If displeased with any man, do all you can to prevent his seeing it, for otherwise he will become estranged. And occasions often arise when he might and would have served you had you not lost him by showing your dislike. Of this I have had experience to my own profit. For once and again I have felt ill-disposed towards some one who not being aware of my hostility has afterwards helped me when I needed help and proved my good friend.
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L'imitazione del male supera sempre l'esempio; comme per il contrario, l'imitazione del bene ? sempre inferiore.
Gli ambasciadori sono l'occhio e l'orecchio degli stati.

Non ? male alcuno nelle cose umane che non abbia congiunto seco qualche bene.
Guicciardini Francesco
Ha sempre dimostrato l'esperienza, e lo dimostra la ragione, che mai succedono bene le cose che dipendono da molti.
Con disavvantaggio grande si fa la guerra con chi non ha che perdere.
Francesco Guicciardini
Frank sincerity is a quality much extolled among men and pleasing to every one, while simulation, on the contrary, is detested and condemned. Yet for a man's self, simulation is of the two by far the more useful; sincerity tending rather to the interest of others. But since it cannot be denied that it is not a fine thing to deceive, I would commend him whose conduct is as a rule open and straightforward, and who uses simulation only in matters of the gravest importance and such as very seldom occur; for in this way he will gain a name for honesty and sincerity, and with it the advantages attaching to these qualities. At the same time, when, in any extreme emergency, he resorts to simulation, he will draw all the greater advantage from it, because from his reputation for plain dealing his artifice will blind men more.
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