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Erhard Milch (1892 – 1972)

German field marshal who oversaw the development of the Luftwaffe as part of the re-armament of Germany following World War I Milch was sentenced to life imprisonment at Landsberg prison.
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Erhard Milch
Let them try me. I shall have plenty to say about the Allies. I have some very good friends among the Americans and English, and the French industrialists, too. I have done nothing of which I am ashamed.
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That Germany beat these countries was due to better planning and not better preparedness.
He is a shrewd, Napoleonic, short man, who is very affable, but as poisonous as hell with his affability.

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It was true enough, he did not appear ashamed - merely worried about his own immunity from trial as a war criminal.
Milch Erhard
There is no reason to believe that Milch was not absolutely sincere in his idealistic belief in Imperial Germany. Its destruction, however, caused a fundamental change in him: idealism in Erhard Milch was extinguished forever. From this period on, Milch became more and more the slave of his own ruthless ambition.
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