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Eddie August Schneider (1911 – 1940)

Set three transcontinental airspeed records for pilots under the age of twenty-one in 1930.
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Eddie August Schneider
"I recently flew more than twelve thousand miles in a little over a month, through rain, fog, wind and snow, over mountains, cities and deserts, in a three-year-old, second-hand airplane that had already traveled some five hundred thousand miles. During that time I never was very late for an appointment or put a single scratch on myself. And considering that I am hardly an expert pilot at nineteen years of age, I knew that these statements must prove something about modern commercial aviation."
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"We named the ship the Kangaroo, because we hoped I could get to California in a couple of jumps."
"From the beginning I had wanted to do something with my flying. Just being able to go up in the air and come down at the same spot wasn't very exciting. Airplanes are for going places quickly, safely and comfortably. I don't know why, but my longing had always been to go to the West Coast. First, because I had never been there, and then for various reasons you fly over all sorts of country on the way, and it is the best way to see the country."

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"Hello Pop, I made it."
Schneider Eddie August
"I was broke, hungry, jobless Ö yet despite the fact that all three of us are old-time aviators who did our part for the development of the industry, we were left out in the cold in the Administrationís program of job making. Can you blame us for accepting the lucrative Spanish offer?"
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