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David Myatt

British author and activist who has, at various times, advocated neo-Nazism, jihadist Islamism, and, latterly, what he calls "The Numinous Way.
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David Myatt
We are at war because of the kuffar - because of their plans, their machinations, their desire to have us accept their mastery, their laws, their capitalism, their desire to have us bow down to their Tawagheet of the nation-State, of democracy, of the so-called United Nations. It is they who have invaded and occupied our lands. They who have interfered in our affairs. We are resisting their invasion, their occupation, their interference. There is no other way than Jihad Fee Sabilillah."
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"It should be understood that there is no concept of civilian (or 'non-combatant') in Deen Al-Islam. Instead, it is generally accepted, according to Ulaama, that Deen Al-Islam makes a distinction between those people who have hurma - protection (ismah al-nafs) under Shariah - and those who do not. Those who are protected are Muslims, and those of the kuffar who have a treaty, or covenant, with the Muslims, either general, as in case of Dhimam, or particular, as in the case of Aqd Al Amaan. Those who have the benefit of protection can only be killed if they transgress a limit, or limits, which Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala has set, defined as these are by Shariah. Thus, a Muslim who, for instance, was found guilty in a Sharia Court of zena could be killed. The asl (rule) is that the kuffar have no protection - and it is not forbidden to harm or kill them - unless they are covered by an exemption, such as Aqd Al Amaan, or unless they become Muslim, or unless they seek sanctuary."
" [They] revealed to me the most important truth concerning human life. Which is that a shared, a loyal, love between two people is the most beautiful, the most numinous, the most valuable thing of all."

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"What has increasingly happened in the last few decades is that many Muslims, it seems, have used and are using the criteria of the kuffar. Thus there has been, by them, a rejection, knowingly or unknowingly, of the fundamental Muslim truth that only Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala is the provider of ilm al-yaqin: of that knowledge about which we can be certain. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala says: "They had no knowledge of such things: only assumptions, and assumptions are no guide to Truth." (53:28 Interpretation of Meaning). Instead of the criteria of the reliance upon Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, there has been a reliance upon the fallible concepts, categories and ideas which the kuffar have manufactured and to which they have assigned names and terms, which concepts, categories and ideas the kuffar, and those following them or imitating them, believe give them, or will lead them to, understanding, knowledge, and truth. However, all these manufactured concepts, categories and ideas are based upon certain conjectures and assumptions which the kuffar have made."
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"There are no excuses for my extremist past, for the suffering I caused to loved ones, to family, to friends, to those many more, those far more, 'unknown others' who were or who became the 'enemies' posited by some extremist ideology. No excuses because the extremism, the intolerance, the hatred, the violence, the inhumanity, the prejudice were mine; my responsibility, born from and expressive of my character; and because the discovery of, the learning of, the need to live, to regain, my humanity arose because of and from others and not because of me. Thus what exposed my hubris - what for me broke down that certitude-of-knowing which extremism breeds and re-presents - was not something I did; not something I achieved; not something related to my character, my nature, at all. Instead, it was a gift offered to me by two others - the legacy left by their tragic early dying. That it took not one but two personal tragedies - some thirteen years apart - for me to accept and appreciate the gift of their love, their living, most surely reveals my failure, the hubris that for so long suffused me, and the strength and depth of my so lamentable extremism."
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"For nearly four decades I placed some ideation, some ideal, some abstraction, before personal love, foolishly - inhumanly - believing that some cause, some goal, some ideology, was the most important thing and therefore that, in the interests of achieving that cause, that goal, implementing that ideology, one's own personal life, one's feelings, and those of others, should and must come at least second if not further down in some lifeless manufactured schemata. My pursuit of such things - often by violent means and by incitement to violence and to disaffection - led, of course, not only to me being the cause of suffering to other human beings I did not personally know but also to being the cause of suffering to people I did know; to family, to friends, and especially to those - wives, partners, lovers - who for some reason loved me. In effect I was selfish, obsessed, a fanatic, an extremist. Naturally, as extremists always do, I made excuses - to others, to myself - for my unfeeling, suffering-causing, intolerant, violent, behaviour and actions; always believing that 'I could make a difference' and always blaming some-thing else, or someone else, for the problems I alleged existed 'in the world' and which problems I claimed, I felt, I believed, needed to be sorted out [...] Yet the honest, the obvious, truth was that I - and people like me or those who supported, followed, or were incited, inspired, by people like me - were and are the problem."
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