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Christian Scriver (1629 – 1693)

German Lutheran devotional writer.
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Christian Scriver
The whole of Christianity is comprised in three things— to believe, to love, and to obey Jesus. These are things, however, which we must be learning all our life.
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As this brook not only washes off impurities, but overwhelms them, so that they can no longer be found, even so Thy Divine mercy, and the stream of my Saviour's blood, not only purge away, but extinguish my sins, sweeping them into the depths of the sea, where through all eternity they shall be remembered no more.
In the school of Christ they are the best scholars who continue learning to the last.

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My God, help me always resolutely to strive, and, through life and death, to force my way unto Thee.
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God has given you your child, that the sight of him, from time to time, might remind you of His goodness, and induce you to praise Him with filial reverence.
Christian Scriver quotes
Lord Jesus, engrave Thou Thy name with Thine own finger upon my heart, that it may remain closed to wordly joy and worldly pleasure, self-interest, fading honor, and low revenge, and open only to Thee.
Christian Scriver
As ravens rejoice over carrion, so infernal spirits exult over the soul that is dead in sin.
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Jesus, save me from the infatuation of avarice! I, too, will lay up a treasure, but Thou shalt have the keeping of it.
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