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Brian Souter

Brian Souter is a Scottish businessman who founded the transport company Stagecoach Group with his sister Ann Gloag in 1980.
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Brian Souter
I believe public transport has a great future as we see increasing signs of economic recovery and it has a major role to play in helping Europe and the rest of the world meet the challenge of climate change.
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It is a great honour to receive such a prestigious European Transport award. Iím lucky enough to do a job in a sector Iím passionate about and this award is also a tribute to the many people at Stagecoach who have worked with me and contributed to our success over the past 30 years.
There are difficult choices to be made that have important social and environmental consequences. You have to protect the elderly and the poor.

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I think people are very tired and angry of what happened with our banks in Scotland and I think this creates an opportunity in the future to build a new bank which is based on mutual principles. It's not going to be speculating in all kinds of strange derivatives and it's not going to be a bank that's going to be focused overseas, it will be a bank that's focused in Scotland - and really it's a peoples' bank.
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