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Anders Chydenius (1729 – 1803)

Swedish-Finnish priest and member of the Riksdag of the Estates.
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Anders Chydenius
...Fatherland without freedom and merit is a large word with little meaning.
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The exercise of one coercion always makes another inevitable.
Our wants are various, and nobody has been found able to acquire even the necessaries without the aid of other people, and there is scarcely any Nation that has not stood in need of others. The Almighty himself has made our race such that we should help one another. Should this mutual aid be checked within or without the Nation, it is contrary to Nature.

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The more opportunities there are in a Society for some persons to live upon the toil of others, and the less those others may enjoy the fruits of their work themselves, the more is diligence killed, the former become insolent, the latter despairing, and both negligent.
Chydenius Anders
...that every individual spontaneously tries to find the place and the trade in which he can best increase National gain, if laws do not prevent him from doing so.
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