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Adrian Mitchell (1932 – 2008)

English poet and dramatist.
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Adrian Mitchell
Here are some happy English soldiers.
They are going to make the Irish happy.
Mitchell quotes
Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people.
I was run over by the truth one day.
Ever since the accident I've walked this way

Mitchell Adrian quotes
I would have walked on the water
But I wasn't fully insured.
And the BMA sent a writ my way
With the very first leper I cured.
Mitchell Adrian
May I borrow your wheelbarrow?
I didn't lay down my life in World War II
so that you could borrow my wheelbarrow
Adrian Mitchell quotes
Now God killed John Lennon and he let Barry Manilow survive,
But the good Lord blessed little Adrian Mitchell with the fastest cock alive.
Adrian Mitchell
You put your bombers in, you put your conscience out,
You take the human being and you twist it all about
So scrub my skin with women
Chain my tongue with whisky
Stuff my nose with garlic
Coat my eyes with butter
Fill my ears with silver
Stick my legs in plaster
Tell me lies about Vietnam.
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