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Abbie Hoffman (1936 – 1989)

Social and political activist in the United States, co-founder of the Youth International Party, and later, a fugitive from the law, who lived under an alias following a conviction for dealing cocaine.
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Abbie Hoffman
Sacred cows make the tastiest hamburger.
Hoffman quotes
The first duty of a revolutionist is to get away with it. The second duty is to eat breakfast. I ain't going.
Free speech is the right to shout "Theater!" in a crowded fire.

Hoffman Abbie quotes
There is absolutely no greater high than challenging the power structure as a nobody, giving it your all, and winning. I think I've learned that lesson twice now. The essence of successful revolution, be it for an individual, a community of individuals, or a nation, depends on accepting that challenge.
Hoffman Abbie
A modern revolutionary group heads for the television station, not the factory. It concentrates its energy on infiltrating and changing the image system.
Abbie Hoffman quotes
In this state, dig it, you get twenty years for sale of dope to a minor. You only get five to ten for manslaughter. So like, the thing is, if you're selling to a kid and cops come, shoot the kid real quick!
Abbie Hoffman
The best way to educate oneself is to become part of the revolution.
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