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Mick Jones

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We were idiots then. Were even bigger idiots now, just older.
About how he and Tony James have changed over the years

Mick Jones

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The old SV (Socialist Left Party) were useful idiots for the communists in Moscow. Today's SV are useful idiots for Saddam Hussein.

Carl I. Hagen

If we accept the Greek's definition of the idiot as an altogether private man, then we must conclude that many American citizens are now idiots. And I should not be surprised, although I don't know, if there were some such idiots even in Germany.

C. Wright Mills

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

Rick Cook

We are not the cowboys anymore we are just the idiots this year So we are going to go out and try to swing the bats, find the holes, and, hopefully, good things happen. We were just a bunch of cowboys out there last year, just enjoying every minute Now, we know we have something to prove. We dont want to be remembered as a team that, OK, we keep making it to the playoffs, but we keep having tough losses. I mean, we want to be known as a team that rewrites the history books. This is definitely the best ballclub Ive been on. I mean, that Oakland ballclub in 2001 was pretty awesome. We were a bunch of frat boys there. This team is a little older, but we have that same attitude. We feel like we can win every game, we feel like we like to have fun, and I think thats why this team is liked by so many people out there. You know, the kids watching us out there weve got the long hair, weve got the cornrows, we got just guys acting like idiots. And I think the fans out there like it.

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Human beings are blind to their own faults. In the movies, villains never proclaim that they are villains. Nor do idiots say that they are idiots. Our faults lie within us, active and fierce, but unconfessed. I've never seen a man walk downstage and announce, his head held high, "Ladies and gentleman, I'm a scumbag!"

Nelson Rodrigues
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