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Manfred Kyber

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Your earthly body is after all nothing more than a dress and inside it is a finer dress, and you yourself are in this finer dress.

Manfred Kyber

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"A long white dress that starts under the breast and travels on interminably down -- so their legs are entirely mysterious -- they could have one leg or two inside that dress... A Jane Austen woman could be incredibly passionate inside that dress."

Peter Greenaway

It's always fun to climb into a dress when you're having a party, right? So we were having a party and I did just that, I poured myself into a dress. When I woke up - and I woke between the kitchen cabinets - I wasn't wearing the dress any longer. No idea where it went. It was a nice dress as well, a little black number. Do I look good in a dress? Always.

Bert McCracken

This is not traditional dress. It is not the dress of my class. It is the dress of my thoughts. These clothes show how I think & to what I am affiliated, how a mujahid thinks. What do your clothes represent? Your clothes are a reflection of how much money you or your father or husband earn. Thus they reflect money rather than a way of thought. One form of dress reflects a belief system, while the other is monetary.

Ali Shariati

The problem is that women try to dress like celebrities whose shape they just don't have. When you emulate someone else's dress sense with a different body shape it just doesn't work. And when you look bad, your confidence dips. Our advice is to go shopping armed with our body shape rules.

Trinny Woodall

Charlotte once ran away from me, outside the studio, and I grabbed her dress to stop her, to keep her near me. A yellow cotton dress I loved because it was too long for her.

J. D. Salinger
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