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Lima Barreto

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Bruzundanga's literature is ruled by cute, rhyming and tasteless sonnets.

Lima Barreto

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If you open up your eyes and imagine. Expand your horizon with rhyming and rapping.
Quit rapping and rhyming bout cocaine supplying. And clapping is anyone out there or are yall all absent?

Lupe Fiasco

I have a lot of interest in interior rhyming; not just rhyming at the end of the lines, but playing around with rhymes within the lines, playing with where the syllabic emphases in the sentences are, lining those up at strange moments in the line of the song. Iím not sure if that comes across or not.

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Even when the problem of the access to technology is solved so that anyone who wishes can have access to technology, there still remains a problem. For example, just about anyone has access to a public library (at least in America). In that library we find the greatest, most profound, most illuminating literature that human beings have so far produced. Do most people read these books? Have you read Cervantes? Have you read the sonnets of Shakespeare? Have you read Hegel or Nietzsche? Their books are in the library, you have access to them, why have you not familiarized yourself with this literature? (Even if you have, I think you will agree that most people have not. Why?)

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I'm afraid my gut level reaction is basically, proceed is cute, but cute doesn't cut it in the emergency room.

Larry Wall
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