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Lawrence Durrell

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No one can go on being a rebel too long without turning into an autocrat.

Lawrence Durrell

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Rebel Rebel, you've torn your dress.
Rebel Rebel, your face is a mess.
Rebel Rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!

David Bowie

The function of the rebel is to shake the fixated mores of the rigid order of civilization; and this shaking, though painful, is necessary if the society is to be saved from boredom and apathy. Obviously I do not refer to everyone who calls himself a rebel, but only to the authentic rebel. Civilization gets its first flower from the rebel.

Rollo May

I have no interest in Kerouac whatsoever. I've done my stint for him. As far as I'm concerned, Kerouac is what Madison Avenue wants a rebel to be. That isn't my kind of rebel.

Kenneth Rexroth

We've got a race between an aristocrat, an autocrat, and a democrat [applause]. I know who I'm for.

Zell Miller

I was born a rebel
Down in Dixie on a Sunday morning.
Yeah, with one foot in the grave,
And one foot on the pedal.
I was born a rebel.

Tom Petty
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