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Jose Mourinho

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"Maybe the guy drank red wine or beer with breakfast instead of milk."[After a Sheffield United fan threw a bottle at Frank Lampard]

Jose Mourinho

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Claudio Ranieri: "Totti is Totti, he is the greatest Italian player and our captain. We will keep him tight. He comes before everything." "Francesco is a real champion, a professional, a lad with a heart of gold and he is Roma's captain." "He is the best player with whom I have ever worked. He could have won several Ballons d'Or had he left Roma for Barcelona or Manchester United. I have also worked with Frank Lampard and Alessandro Del Piero, but Francesco is the better player." "He is a formidable player and I can assure you itís not true that he destroys Coaches." "He is fantastic and to this club, he is as important as the Colosseum is to Rome."

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Roadstrum had always believed that he had troubles enough of his own. He seldom borrowed trouble, and never on usurious terms. He knew that it was a solid thing that sheep do not gather in taverns and drink beer, not even potato beer; that they do not sing, not even badly; that they do not tell stories. But a stranger can easily make trouble for himself on a strange world by challenging local customs.
"But I am the greet Roadstrum," he said, suddenly and loudly. "I am a great one for winning justice for the lowly, and I do not scare easily. I threw the great Atlas at the wrestle, and who else can say as much? I suffer from the heroic sickness every third day about nightfall, and I am not sure whether this is the third day or not. I say you are men and not sheep. I say: Arise and be men indeed!"
"It has been tried before," said Roadstrum's friend, the sheep, "and it didn't work."
"You have tried a revolt, and it failed?"
"No, no, another man tried to incite us to revolt, and failed."

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"You can tell that hold is effective because his face is red and the rest of his body is the color of a bottle of 2% milk."

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We could be somewhere where you would never expect anyone to know him and someone would walk up and say "Bon Scott!" and always have a bottle of beer for him.

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He was first directed to say, "Do not perform the prescribed prayer when you are drunk" [4:47]. What does this mean? It means you can drink wine but when you enter the mosque for prescribed prayer, do not stagger or appear to be drunk or have your breath smell of wine. Everyone accepted this. Even those who drank were prepared to accept this one limitation.

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