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Jon Appleton

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The pressure to give A grades is intense. It comes from the students and increasingly from their parents as well.
"The Decline of Academic Freedom at Dartmouth College", 20 October 2005

Jon Appleton

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One thing I will say is the education was good even religion classes. I appreciate the knowledge I have the imagery still appeals to me. But otherwise, it's pretty f**ked up. I remember in the eighth grade, during a parent/teacher conference, a nun came down and spoke to my parents. It's funny because I had great grades, did very well on tests, and got along well with others but she told my parents she was "very concerned". My parents were like "what for?" She told them "I think your son might worship the devil..."

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We have a database of excluded sites, regularly updated and the students cannot access them. Secondly, we can dump logs of who visited which sites. If there appears to be a problem, our pastoral care staff discuss it with students and parents. There's nothing more embarrassing for kids than a session like that... Curiosity about sexual behaviour is an age-old aspect of adolescence. But the internet has changed the scene radically. Parents must be involved and be aware of what their kids are doing.

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The ideal student would be one who was not working for grades but was working because he was interested in the work and not trying to compete with fellow students.

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The most worthwhile form of education is the kind that puts the educator inside you, as it were, so that the appetite for learning persists long after the external pressure for grades and degrees has vanished. Otherwise you are not educated; you are merely trained.

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By refusing to forgive, I give up all illusions. Why should I forgive, when no one is asking me to? I mean, my parents refuse to understand and to know what they did to me. So why should I go on trying to understand and forgive my parents and whatever happened in their childhood, with things like psychoanalysis and transactional analysis? What's the use? Whom does it help? It doesn't help my parents to see the truth. But it does prevent me from experiencing my feelings, the feelings that would give me access to the truth. But under the bell-jar of forgiveness, feelings cannot and may not blossom freely.

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