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Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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The real cure for our environmental problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother Nature. . . We are facing a formidable enemy in this field. It is the hunters... and to convince them to leave their guns on the wall is going to be very difficult.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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"To tread down the sword" is a principle often used in strategy. First, in large-scale strategy, when the enemy first discharges bows and guns and then attacks, it is difficult for us to attack if we are busy loading powder into our guns or notching our arrows. The spirit is to attack quickly while the enemy is still shooting with bows or guns. The spirit is to win by "treading down" as we receive the enemy's attack.
In single combat, we cannot get a decisive victory by cutting, with a "tee-dum tee-dum" feeling, in the wake of the enemy's attacking long sword. We must defeat him at the start of his attack, in the spirit of treading him down with the feet, so that he cannot rise again to the attack.

Miyamoto Musashi

While traveling down the course of the Canadian, we sometimes found the buffalo very abundant. On one occasion, two or three hunters, who were a little in advance of the caravan, perceiving a herd quietly grazing in an open glade, they 'crawled upon' them after the manner of the 'still hunters.' Their first shot having brought down a fine fat cow, they slipped up behind her, and, resting their guns over her body, shot two or three others, without occasioning any serious disturbance or surprise to their companions; for, extraordinary as it may appear, if the buffalo neither see nor smell the hunter, they will pay but little attention to the crack of guns, or to the mortality which is being dealt among them.

Josiah Gregg

To those who do not know mathematics it is difficult to get across a real feeling as to the beauty, the deepest beauty, of nature ... If you want to learn about nature, to appreciate nature, it is necessary to understand the language that she speaks in.

Richard Feynman

Our adversaries are not demons, witches, fate, or mental illness. We have no enemy whom we can fight, exorcise, or dispel by "cure." What we do have are problems in living whether these be biologic, economic, political, or sociopsychological. In this essay I was concerned only with problems belonging in the last mentioned category, and within this group mainly with those pertaining to moral values. The field to which modern psychiatry addresses itself is vast, and I made no effort to encompass it all. My argument was limited to the proposition that mental illness is a myth, whose function it is to disguise and thus render more palatable the bitter pill of moral conflicts in human relations.

Thomas Szasz

So this Vishnumaya shows her strength. She does lots of things by which people are frightened. She can enter into any, any element, she can permeate. Supposing she enters into a water element, she can create a typhoon. She can create a, any kind of disasters, she can enter into Mother Earth and she can create a earthquake. She can do anything because she has a power to enter into anything. You know that she can enter into Mother Earth very well, she can enter into water very easily and when she gets into she becomes a catalyst and all these problems that you are facing today in America are because of left Vishuddhi, because of Vishnumaya.... So all these thundering that are coming from nature, anything, whether it is earthquake or it is landslide or it could be floods or it could be typhoon, anything is the work of this Vishnumaya or we can say all natural catastrophes are brought about by this Vishnumaya, she has this power to ... this is the only way they can shock people, but despite all that shocking people have to relate these disasters to their mistakes they have committed and have, have nicely kept it here not facing." NB: Shri Mataji claims that Vishnumaya (a Hindu Goddess) is one of her aspects. [Vishnumaya Puja, New York, 19 September 1992]

Mataji Nirmala Srivastava
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